Amanda Rendall

Amanda Rendall
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If you want a sweetheart to caress your dick like it was a scared puppy, go somewhere else. If you want a tough chick to whip you into shape and treat your cock like a joystick, then say hi to Amanda Rendall. This girl is a real take-no-shit super-mistress. She’s super fit, super strong, and can be super bitchy in the best way. One of Amanda’s specialties is full-on she-bang action. She has a wide collection of strap-ons, dildos and other fuck toys that she loves to plow into buttholes and pussies alike. When you throw a nice little lesbian in the room with Amanda, that chick is going to leave limping in pure pleasure. Amanda is so freakin’ hot, it’s no wonder guys and gals let her treat them so roughly. Her real pointy knockers look fantastic from underneath when she’s standing above you and giving orders, in her hot Scottish accent, on how to pleasure her. That ass of hers is plenty fit, and when she’s on all fours and sticks her rump in the air, you’ll helplessly wanna worship between her sweaty crack for hours. Same goes for her pussy, which is always shiny from her uncontrollable sex juice manufacturing. Amanda can do high-end photography work just as well as low-down lesbian nastiness, but she prefers the taste of salty cunt more than anything else. She is one mean and hungry cougar who’ll pounce on any chance to make someone squeal by sucking them, fucking them, smothering them, or masterly extracting cum from them.
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