Chantelle Fox

Chantelle Fox
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • City: Rugby
  • Age: N/A
  • Height: 155cm
  • Weight: N/A
Get ready to take hold of your bangers, boys, because this British bird will have you mashing your meat in no time at all. Chantelle Fox is one hell of a foxy dame with all the sophistication and wit you’d expect from an English gal. She was born in the West Midlands county of Warwickshire – home of fellow legend William Shakespeare. While ol’ Bill knew how to put his mouth to the recital of poetic words, Chantelle’s oral arts come more by the way of dominating dick in her mouth. Chantelle is a blowjob deity with all the right cock-worship steps mastered to a tee. A bit of a pussy hound, she can get any girl to do the thigh-squirm dance every time she muff dives. With her great fake tits and smooth round ass, every fuck sesh with Chantelle has loads of good flesh bouncing and sweat flinging. Another one of this nasty babe’s specialties is a bit of watersport play. She’s got zero inhibitions about letting it all out over some deserving guy or gal. Finally, Chantelle is a master at strapping one on and getting down and dirty in the she-bang arena. She knows how to fuck pussies and assholes like she’s got the soul of a man locked in her sexy woman’s body. Don’t get us wrong… Chantelle Fox is definitely all woman, but she just likes a bit of gender equality when it comes to penetration.
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