Cinthia Santos

Cinthia Santos
  • Country: Brazil
  • City: Sao Paulo
  • Age: 34
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
Brazil… land of big butts, sweaty dance clubs, loose morals, and Cinthia Santos. No girl embodies the spirit of this South American sex haven better than Cinthia. Born in Sao Paulo, and raised on a healthy diet of tanning oil, spicy sausage, and ass meat, Cinthia was destined to become a world-class fuck freak. She has definitely lived up to her fate. Before getting into pure hardcore, Cinthia took part of a Brazilian Reality TV show about naked sluts living together in a house – like Big Brother, but actually fun to watch. Her smoking-hot looks attracted more and more attention from the country’s various porn pros, and the rest is history. You know how Brazil is basically a racial and ethnic orgy of a country? Well, Cinthia has the best of her homeland’s mixed ancestry all wrapped into one neat package. She has golden tanned skin, thick Latina beejee lips, an eye-popping set of knockers, and a booty carrying so much junk in the trunk that you hear beeping every time she backs that ass up. Speaking of ass, show us a Brazilian whore who doesn’t take it up the rear entry holiest of holies, and we’ll show you a liar, because that country just adores anal action. Cinthia is certainly no exception, and in fact, she is the acme of examples to the rule. This girl regularly needs her asshole tongued, fingered, fisted, stretched, pummeled and gaped. If she doesn’t get to taste her own ass on a slimy dick, she doesn’t leave the set satisfied.
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