• Country: Czech Republic
  • City: Prague
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 49kg
You wouldn’t be totally wrong to think that the Czech Republic is planning a full-scale mass takeover of the Western World. They’re just going about it in more insidious ways than you’d think. They’re pumping out an army of super-hot sex pods to slowly lower our guard, drop our pants, and make us go weak at the testicles. Their latest secret weapon: Iwia, formerly known as Eva Strauss. Check out her creamy white skin and try to tell us that you don’t want to caress every inch of her body with the tip of your sensitive prick. This babe is so sweet and cute that she doesn’t just suck cock, but will give your cock a wet and warm mouth-hug that will send fuzzy waves through the shaft and right to your prostate G-spot. For fans of perky little petite titties, Iwia has a pair so young and fresh, you want to give them puppy nicknames before fitting a whole boob in your mouth. Her Eastern European peach is an absolute wonder of sugary sex sweetness, so when you eat her out, you wouldn’t want to rinse your mouth out for days after. Iwia gets down with the ladies just as well as the men and really enjoys every horny minute with both sexes. What’s best, perhaps, is when Iwia brings a girlfriend into the mix to share a guy’s sex sausage. If it could be you in that mix, we know you’d pack up your prick and move it on down to Prague for life.
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