Melrose Foxxx

Melrose Foxxx
  • Country: United States
  • City: Paramount
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 157cm
  • Weight: 52kg
Some bubble butts are just made for popping. We’re not talking about bursting into the air but rather what happens when a girl sticks that rump out and shakes her ass so those cheeks flap apart and clap together like they were giving an encore. Melrose Foxxx is a black bubble-butt queen who knows how to back that shit up and make it work for her overtime. She’s a fun-loving gal with a great personality who just wants to make friends with every hard cock and wet cunt she meets, and believe us when we say, she is one popular porn pro. With gorgeous light brown skin that tastes like mocha and sweat, filthy floppy tits that go nuts when she’s rocking it cowgirl, and her glistening snatch that wraps around shafts and hoovers right through to the balls, Melrose is steadily climbing to be a top-name game changer in the biz. She’s got a bit of exotic Creole blood in her which helps her tits and ass put a spell on viewers so that their click fingers and wank fists lose control during her scenes. This girl didn’t rush into porn too quick and waited until the seasoned age of 24 before getting dirty for the cameras, but she brought tons of experience to the scene with her and it shows. Whether she’s doing some sweet make-out erotica with the ladies, or nasty hardcore vaj pounding with the guys, Melrose always brings her sexy A game to the set and leaves everyone, crew included, absolutely wasted and elated.
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