Natalie Monroe

Natalie Monroe
  • Country: United States
  • City: Florida
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 55kg
It’s a sensational thing to watch a pornstar blossom right before your eyes. Latina teen dream Natalie Monroe entered the adult industry at precisely the age of 18. She was still in high school as a senior when she did her first porno. Super skinny, with tiny little breasts, a shy smile, and a horny look in her eyes, teen dream Natalie is growing up in front of us all. She actually started off in the business with braces on her teeth! Braces everyone, which just added to her innocent charm. We don’t know what fetishes you’re carrying around in your head, but you’re going to be turned on for sure when you see her take a mouthful of jizz. She’s gotten them off since and is already looking more mature; however, don’t worry, because her petite, skinny 5”4 frame and B-cup titties make her a youthful-looking dish. When asked why she entered the adult industry, Natalie has the perfect answer: “I love sex. I love money. It’s obvious, right?” You can’t argue with that logic. Born and raised in Florida, Natalie moved to Los Angeles to chase her smutty dreams. She’s hoping to conquer porn and do as much as she can in the next few years, but make sure you see every scene of hers, as she wants to leave in her mid-20s and use her porno money to go to college. Let’s hope she ditches that idea and we can spend the next decade watching Natalie go from a teen performer to a MILF.
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