Nikki Delano

Nikki Delano
  • Country: United States
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 157cm
  • Weight: 50kg
Nikki Delano is the kind of spicy slut whom girlfriends and wives everywhere despise, not only because she’s so hot, but because she has that look on her face that screams trouble in the homestead. Nikki is a naughty and nasty cum sucker who doesn’t give a fuck about rules, conformity, or good manners. The only thing this girl cares about is getting her daily intake of meat stick in all three holes, with the occasional side dish of some juicy pussy in her face and hot girly asshole on her tongue. A true Brooklyn gal, Nikki brings that tough East Coast attitude to the set every time. Born into a mixed Puerto Rican, Columbian and Italian family, Nikki grew up in a pretty religious and conservative household, giving her the secret urge to break out of her family and break into public slut fame. She dropped the conservatism but kept that Latina spice and Mediterranean lust for life. First working as an exotic dancer and a gymnast, Nikki turned her attention to mainstream modeling. One day, minions from the awesome Brazzers contacted Nikki and begged on all fours for Nikki to shoot with them, which she enthusiastically agreed to. Once she graduated from regular sex to professional porno fuck jobs, there was no going back. Nikki craves those long, hard, sweaty scenes with the biggest dicks to fuck her mouth, ram her snatch, and burrow into her sweet asshole. When it’s money-shot time, she takes that cream in her pie, on her face, or down her throat. Anything goes with Nikki!
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