Rahyndee James

Rahyndee James
  • Country: United States
  • City: Panama City
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 157cm
  • Weight: 50kg
Rahyndee James is the kind of slutty coed type who could easily get college enrollment to go up 1000%. Chicks would all pledge to sororities just to have slumber parties with her and taste her perfect vagina for the first time. Dudes would be signing up for Women’s Studies classes and Interpretive Dance courses just to be in the same room as her great tits and lovely ass. When Rahyndee decided to start her porn career at the sweet age of 21, this Panama City beach babe was immediately picked up for all kinds of school-themed films, like “Dorm Invasion”, “Slutty Times at Innocent High”, and “Slumber Party Prankster”. Given that Rahyndee came from a serious Spring Break city, she always loved to party, and no party would be complete without a cock in her mouth, a cunt in her face, and a wad of cum to top it all off. She’s got the body of a skinny teen girl and the mind of a seasoned slut. Her gorgeous teardrop C-cups could give a blind man his vision back – that’s how much they’re worth seeing. Her ass is a sweet peachy thing of epic bite-able qualities. Rahyndee is very athletic and flexible, making that perfect vagina of hers all the more accessible. Just to be in spitting distance of Rahyndee’s pussy could make a man spill his ball milk, or a girl spill out some serious pussy juice.
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