Stacie Jaxxx

Stacie Jaxxx
  • Country: United States
  • City: Alaska
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 52kg
Here’s another brilliant little slut who gave herself a porn name with XXX in it, just in case you weren’t sure what her body was made for. Still, Stacie Jaxxx knows that nobody would ever mistake her for anything but a mega-hot sex kitten. This girl’s petite, tight figure was made for being hoisted up on a big bone and slammed around the room until she’s squealing with joy. Stacie is such a kinky joy, you’d gladly toss your longtime girlfriend to the side of the highway just to nibble one of Stacie’s baby-toes. Even though Stacie grew up in sunny California, she was born in frigid Alaska. Knowing she hated having to bundle up and keep her body covered all the time in that icy weather, she slowly sucked and fucked her way south until she arrived in porn heaven. Using social media sites, she started spreading her name and pics around to get some hardcore work. Before her 18th birthday party was over, she was already having scene contracts rammed through her mailbox from all the big studios. Now she’s getting all sorts of things rammed up her sugary twat. This peachy blonde cutie with the perfect little tits and fuzzy peach bottom is a guaranteed wining date between you and your bandwidth. You can practically feel Stacie’s kink energy shoot through your computer screen when she’s getting fucked, as if she’s doing every thrust just for your viewing pleasure.
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