• Country: United States
  • City: Oregon City
  • Age: 49
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 57kg
Here’s a success story from the history of amateur porn that’ll make you believe that dreams do come true - the same type of dreams that often leave your sheets crusty. Back in the ancient history of the internet, in a time called the nineties, a regular husband started posting pics of his busty wife on this new ‘world wide web’. As slow as bandwidth was back then, “Wifey,” as she was known, became a sensation, and in 1998, the web site Wife’s World was shot out into the virtual world. In no time, this little mom and pop amateur operation was gaining fans faster than most of today’s wannabe sluts gain followers on Twitter. Today, Wifey is an epic star with epic proportions, especially when measuring up her epic set of kajungas. Wifey’s boobs are so mammoth and milky that you could hibernate with those dairy sacks all winter and emerge in the spring all fattened up. When we praise the size of Wifey’s tits, we don’t stop at her bra and cup size. Her areolas are nice and wide, and her nipples are big enough that she could fuck a girl’s pussy with just one hard one. She’s got a juicy ass that jiggles and pops whenever Hubby gives her slam jobs all over their lavish-looking house. Even though Wifey is the pinnacle of a domestic goddess and the perfect marriage mate, she still gets a nasty whore vibe going when those loads start brewing. Wifey also loves getting a creamy facial, or tonguing that jizz off a swollen dickhead and swallowing it down, and she looks great in a pearl necklace, too.
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