Way to become verified uploader


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Verified uploaders have priority at video conversion and their videos are appear on the site automatically. Verified uploaders have more video views and more subscribers. Do you wanna be verified uploader? If yes, check the criteria's:

1. upload quality videos (if possible HD or higher resolution)

2. use "SEO friendly" titles

  • Good: use a good video title with pornstar name if possible and describing the contest of the video
  • Not good: wrong titles - video1 or asdfas or test111 etc...
3. use relevant categories
  • Good: choose 3 relevant categories from the list
  • Not good: irrelevant categories, only 1 category
4. don't upload illegal contents especially underage content
  • If we find underage contents we will delete all of your videos and get ban permanently!
5. use tags, and descriptions
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Ok but then why are verified users like specialized68 always uploading content with completely random titles like "I forgot?". It's extremely unhelpful and you shouldn't allow them to be verified based on the rules above.
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