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By dadank187
This site has been the best because it used to have only full scenes! What's with all of the 9 and 10 minute clips??? I don't mean to sound ungrateful, just curious. Is this the way the site is going to be now? I'm having to wade through 20 clips before getting to a full scene. RedB is uploading what seems like hundreds of 7-10 minute clips every day.
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By dadank187
And these clips are even more annoying because their titles don't mention the performers or the sites they are from. It's good to know what girl and what site a clip is from before clicking on it. Also because of this, they are not searchable. It's just random clips with titles like "teen gets pounded" or "milf goes black". Totally, useless. Won't be long until this site is just another xvideos.
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By ericpeters
I am in agreement with you all. RedB has the absolute right to load vids as he chooses but I question these vids. I also question why many categories are overwhelmed with vids not of that category. Try shifting through compilation and youll see. Might try dropping RedB a line voicing yourself or it may become worse if pissed off. He loads 300 vids a day and sooner or later he will run out. I came here because my vids got stepped on elsewhere. Ratings are a plus but you cant please everybody so I don't try. My vids are a special niche and you either like them or not. Pulling out my private vids into public playlists will probably get my vids extinguished. I also get bored easy so I ll load 5 to 6 like vids and switch, 40 vids of the same girl will get overlooked quickly as we look for the next hot vid.
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By papadoc
Yeah, letting all these shitty clips get posted is bad for business. Not only is it annoying for established users, but when I visit a new site and the front page is filled with 8-10 min clips, I assume that site is a piece of shit, because it usually is the quickest indicator. If you keep allowing this, new visitors will leave and never come back and your established user-base will eventually get sick of having to sift through a bunch of garbage to find quality content.
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