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The Seductress

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superheroine - and gets 60 fps -B not Be on the floor the seductress Days on to Skip that PART of Video S So HAS Taken many Superheroines under Her Spell young Powers is making UP school work AFTER class Teacher Mrs Williams Very BEHIND in Studies but not Because she a fact Sensational Power Been Out prove w E T Emergency encounter TEAM What it takes and live name Girl WHEN gets Code green Special Line attached phone Drops Pen Asks Be for bathroom Pleased gives Seems with need Leave Classroom finds WAY OFFICE MAKES Transformation into Ecstatic have called handle INSTRUCTIONS Schools Sub Basement as LOOKS around by ski Mask Wearing Expecting fight Short Would JUST starts OVER Another Sure How He got then Last Confident Few good shots Common beats Wind belly blows HIS Bouncing Knee Back Breaker Knocks TOP OFF leaves Senseless Unable herself beating beaten HELP first Ties Helpless heroin PS BEFORE I uploaded was AT 60 bigger SOME fun Groping Fondling UNTIL Puts mouth Again Alone bound Struggle free No GETTING than comes Recapture rocked more SUPER Strength did battle Well Hold Slamming Wall Floor ONLY Grab Hair display Savage Locks HAND Girls throat Lift one Handed Choking legs ONCE NOW GOING Do talked about earlier TAKE wants between LETS know can’t Escape wanted GET badly HIM Track down person Using SKILLS Follows Trail Teachers Lounge where CAN Hear AN seductive music PLAYING Entering room Gorgeous Dressed woman Lounging Couch It’s Stern Sexually Advantage Confused questions body Breasts Ass own Real still thing KNOWS Shut Bring Justice ready Lights curvaceous Criminal hips Becomes Entranced Sensual Soon Continues dance FILLED Desire they kiss SENSUALLY brings climax touch orgasm clear Head cover Veil eyes Roll Intense Shackled grabs Face Forces Order Make Submit sexual Desires Rubs Arousal Oil all Ecstasy Completely Totally Aroused USES Wand
HD48:56115 plays7 days ago  High  Medium  Low 04:25 08:51 13:17 17:43 22:09 26:35 31:01 35:27 39:53 44:19 Tap on thumbnails to skip to that part of video.80% Playlist DownloadTh€ $€du©t®€$$ It's so "Hugh Mungus!"  Subscribe  Message The sinister Seductress has taken many superheroines under her spell. Young Priscilla Powers is making up school work after class under the supervision of her teacher Mrs. Williams. Priscilla has fallen very behind in her studies but not because she is a slacker, but because she is in fact the cites newest sensational superheroine Power Girl!Priscilla has been out to prove to S.W.E.E.T (Superheroine’s Worldwide Emergency Encounter Team) that she has what it takes and live up to the name Power Girl. So when she gets a code green alert on her the special line attached to her phone she drops her pen and asks to be excused for the bathroom. Her teacher is not pleased but gives her permission. Although Mrs. Williams seems pleased with Priscilla’s sudden need to leave the classroom. Priscilla finds her way to the school nurse’s office and makes the transformation into Power Girl. She’s ecstatic to have been called in to handle a code green situation! Following the instructions downloaded to her phone she finds her way to the schools sub-basement. As she looks around she is confronted by a ski mask wearing goon that seems to have been expecting her. A fight ensues and Power Girl makes short work of the would be assailant. Just as she starts to gloat over the defeated baddie she gets another Challenger. She’s not sure how he got behind her, and he looks a stronger then then last thug but she is confident. Over confident in fact. She gets in a few good shots but The seemingly common bruiser beats her senseless\knocking the wind out of her with belly blows, tossing her over his shoulder and bouncing her and then dropping her onto his knee in a viscous back breaker that knocks her top off and leaves her senseless and unable to defend herself against the continued beating. The bruiser has her beaten and with the help of the first goon ties the helpless heroin up. Ps. Before I uploaded it was at 60 fps. The bigger bruiser leaves and the first goon has some fun groping and fondling Power Girl until she awakens, then puts the rag over her mouth and puts her out again Power Girl recovers and finds herself alone and tightly bound, the thugs underestimated her and she is able to struggle free. no sooner has she finished getting her top back on than the bruiser comes back to recapture her. It is a viscous fight. The bruiser is first rocked back as Power Girl unleashes more of her super strength than she did in the first battle. But the bruiser is more than he seems as well and gets a hold of her and lifts her up, slamming her repeatedly against the wall then throws her on the floor only to grab her by her hair and yank her back up. In a display of savage strength he locks his hand around Power Girls throat and lift her one handed, choking her against the wall with her legs dangling before once more slamming her onto the floor. Now the bruiser is going to do what her talked about earlier and take what he wants, positioning himself between Power Girl’s legs he lets her know he is going to violate her. But Pow Girl rallies and now the bruiser can’t escape the legs he wanted to get between so badly. Power Girl mocks him for grossly underestimating the super-strength in her legs and crushes him mercilessly. Battered but victorious Power Girl vows to track down the person responsible. Using her super-skills Power Girl follows the trail to the teachers lounge where she can hear an oddly seductive music playing. Entering the room the young herione sees a gorgeous exotically dressed woman lounging on the couch. It’s her teacher Mrs. Williams!!! Power Girl’s stern dowdy teacher is actually the Seductress! The sexually powered supervillainess takes advantage of Power Girls confused questions to scrutinize and insult her young body. Seductress mocks Power Girls smaller breasts and “flat” ass, comparing the heroines body to her own and citing her lack of a real woman’s curves> Power Girl’s confidence is damaged and she is still confused but one thing she knows is that she is going to shut Seductress’s mouth and bring her to justice. Stating her intention to do just that Power Girl gets ready to punch the condescending villainess’s lights out but hesitates as the curvaceous criminal begins to sway her hips to the music. Power Girl becomes entranced by the sensual movements and soon the Seductress has her under her spell. Seductress continues to dance and Power Girl gets filled with desire. It progresses and they kiss sensually and Seductress brings Power Girl to climax with her skilled touch The orgasm begins to clear Power Girl’s head and Seductress cover her mouth with her veil. Seductress is immune to the special “perfume” on the veil but Power Girl’s eyes roll up and she is out Now it gets more intense. Power Girl is shackled and as she awakens Seductress grabs her face and forces her to kiss. In order to make the superheroine submit to her sexual desires Seductress slowly rubs arousal oil all over her body. Power Girl gasps in ecstasy ass the oil takes affect. Once the oil has completely overwhelmed Power Girl and her entire body is totally aroused and sensitized Seductress uses and Orgasm wand to shatter the superherione with convulsive climax after climax
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