Ada Sanchez

Ada Sanchez
  • Country: United States
  • City: Miami
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 150cm
  • Weight: 50kg
Sometimes we love to see teen girls slowly and shyly discovering their inner slut, taking their time learning the ropes of deep throating, and relaxing their vajayjays for those professional porno dicks. Sometimes, however, we want to see a young babe jump right in, mouth, pussy and asshole first, like she’s was born to be treated like a pin cushion for stabbing dicks. This latter dream girl is best exemplified by the one and only Ada Sanchez, a little Latina lover of lusty and nasty hardcore. Well, we say little because she’s young, but there’s nothing little about her appetite for meat stuffing, nor is there anything small about her awesome heaving chesticles. Ada proudly boasts a booming rack. Those real tits have that engorged tear drop shape with areolas so big you want to put your tea cup down on them and nipples so pointy you could pick your teeth with them. The only thing better than motor boating Ada’s tits is getting to stuff your lucky face between her hot Latina ass cheeks. Whether it’s her warm, wet mouth, shiny swollen pussy, or her incredibly well hidden asshole nestled between those big butt flaps, no dick will exit her holes unsatisfied. Ada might be young and new, but the way she takes on some of the biggest and most seasoned porn dicks in the biz lets you know that this girl means business, and by business, we mean she’s trading in high yield jizz bonds.
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