A cute, petite blonde who keeps her hair short and often sports a look reminiscent of the 1980s punk rock scene, Alani Pi might not be one of the porn industry's better known performers, but with a personality that's as loveable as her looks, Alani has founded a dedicated and steadily growing fan base, driven in part by her outgoing and approachable social media presence. Alani Pi first performed in porn in 2012, appearing in BDSM scenes for Internet-based adult studios, and throughout her brief career, most of her work has continued to come in fetish videos, where Alani has made numerous appearances as a submissive in series like ElectroSluts, Device Bondage, Sex and Submission and Hardtied. Alani regularly performs live online fetish shows, as well. While most of her work has been in BDSM videos, some of Alani Pi's most popular scenes come in lesbian porn movies, especially when she plays the less experienced lover paired with an older woman. In MILFShakes, a 2013 release from Filly Films, Alani plays a cook who shows up for her first day of work dressed too casually for her employer's liking. Penny Barber plays her boss, a domineering lesbian who straightens Alani out by stripping off her clothes, covering her in frosting, and fingering her until she cums. When it's her turn to eat pussy, Alani proves she's no newcomer to that task, expertly bringing Penny to a shuddering climax. Another of Alani Pi's best girl-girl performances comes in Tombois 2 from Sweetheart Video, a title that also happens to star the legendary Nina Hartley. In a scene that paired Alani with Celeste Star, a beautiful and very feminine brunette. On top of looking absolutely amazing while entwined in their erotic embrace, Alani and Celeste deliver such a passionate performance you'd think they must be off-screen lovers, too. One of Alani Pi's most recent lesbian porn shoots teamed her up with lesbian porn icon Lily Cade and exotic brunette performer Anna Cherry. In the scene, Lily plays a cop who pounds Anna and Alani with a strap-on cock in a sizzling outdoor scene shot in the woods. The shoot captures everything that makes Alani Pi so loveable, from her petite natural body to her inexhaustible sexual energy. Not one to be shy about her work, Alani Pi takes great pride in her work, actively promoting her live shows on social media and frequently posting pictures that she snapped while on the set, or behind the scenes while putting on makeup and preparing for a shoot. With her bubbly personality and positive attitude, Alani is well liked among her peers. Among other things, Alani is very supportive of new performers, using her social media accounts to help promote newcomers to the adult business and to encourage her fans to watch and support them, as well. A lot of Alani Pi's interests and tastes have a retro feel to them. She loves old school video games, for example, and still regularly plays titles from gaming consoles that were released back in the 90s, occasionally posting screenshots of her progress and accomplishments. Alani lists Marquee Moon as one of her all-time favorite songs, a song by Television, the classic art punk band fronted by Tom Verlaine. Alani also loves to play music, and has been in bands of her own. She plays a variety of instruments, and has posted pictures of herself playing keyboard and sax. Alani Pi is a photography enthusiast, using both her smartphone and various digital cameras to snap pictures that range from simple selfies to intricate artistic shots. Among her favorite photographic subjects is her cat, an adorable, long haired tortoiseshell tabby who's the apple of Alani's eye. Alani also enjoys posting pictures of her cute butt and pert little tits, always a welcome sight for her many dedicated followers. Alani also enjoys making quirky animated gifs, which often feature one of her favorite stuffed animals ("Rosko") edited into various unusual contexts -- like appearing to be on stage with Frank Zappa from a 1980s concert appearance, for example. Her beloved cat makes regular appearances in the gifs, too, her scurrying and frolicking documented as digital video loops. Not surprisingly for a woman who uses a mathematical constant as part of her porn name, Alani Pi is something of a nerd girl. She loves anime, hentai and Japanimation, and has been known to act like she's a living the version of one of the characters from her favorite toons, producing an irresistible combination of cute, sexy, innocent and filthy. She even owns a full bodysuit costume of one of her favorite characters, which she will occasionally put on for the purposes of making self-shot porn. In one picture she posted, Alani looks up at the camera with a cock in her mouth, her head encircled by the fuzzy yellow fur of the costume. When she's not posting pictures or promoting her live sex shows, Alani Pi often uses her social media accounts to express whatever is on her mind, often in the form of witty quips and observations about daily life that are worthy of a stand-up comedian, like "I fall asleep in the shower a lot"¦. and I'm pretty sure that is some risky behavior." She especially enjoys posting quirky rhetorical questions peppered with pop culture references, such as "If you cut off Wolverine's dick does it grow back?" and "What is the healthy amount of government paranoia?" Judging by her posts and status updates, it's safe to say that another of Alani Pi's favorite pastimes is sucking cock. Out of the blue, she'll post something like "If you like getting your dick sucked then you're gonna love me," or "Can't wait until I'm not sick"¦. so I can give you a blowjob." Her self-shot oral sex pictures and POV blowjob shots are practically an art form of their own, a combination of goofiness and sensuality that turns you on and makes you laugh at the same time. You can watch a full-length example of Alani Pi in action for free on PORN.COM, a hot lesbian scene in which Alani has her wet pussy eaten out by an older lesbian who definitely knows her way around the love bush!

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