Lynda Leigh

Lynda Leigh
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • City: Worthington
  • Age: 52
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: N/A
Looking for some semi-vintage British MILF porn? This ain’t Mary Poppins; this is Lynda Leigh, and she swallows gallons of jizz and consumes vag juice by the spoonful. She’s one tough, kinky, and dirty-minded mama of mid-'90s porno. With her dirty teased hair, athletic body, and ever-pulsating pussy lips, she can careen a cock over to service her just by spreading her thighs. Lynda’s awesomely plushy tits are firm enough to knock you out, but soft enough to lie on like dirty pillows. She looks great in any getup, from black lace lingerie, to playful uniforms, to naughty S&M fishnet bodysuits. Lynda comes from Surrey, England, not far from the action of London. With her pimped-up C-cup tits, Lynda started out as a topless glamour model. She had sexy moves and a sexy voice, so it was a bit of a shame for her to be confined to the silent and still photography scene. Luckily for us, in her early 30s, Lynda started shooting hardcore. Her talents proved to be A+ in action, with amazing pussy-licking and awesome cock-sucking skills. Not to mention her uncanny ability to take the deepest, slimiest schlong slam sessions. She even allows the occasional boner to probe her butthole, like in her fan-favorite scene with Ben Dover, where she takes that anal action like a butt princess.
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