Maria Moore

Maria Moore
  • Country: United States
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Age: 42
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 67kg
Maria Moore has a big enough pair of baby-feeders on her chest to feed a nursery. Her honkers are so booming, she could halt traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway. Her chest blimps are so inflated, she could hoist an 18-wheeler in the air. We could go on and on with Maria Moore breast metaphors until the cows come home, except, those cows are probably on holiday after seeing Maria’s udders. Maria is a miracle of sex anatomy, not only because of the size of her K-Kup Kajungas, but also for the massive amounts of semen she can induce in tit-crazed perv dogs. Would you believe that this busty goddess was once flat-chested? She claims that one night, out of nowhere, she went from wearing teeny underoos to a C-cup bra, and it didn’t stop there. This girl doesn’t even bother to shop in mainstream stores anymore because they don’t believe her size exists. Well, it does, and we’ve got news for those uptight shopkeepers: Maria’s tits are absolutely natural. The only enhancements she needs are to her wardrobe... most of which she has to special order online. With tits like those, she always felt the need to show them off. She’s a fan fave for big-naturals movies, where she also enjoys sucking big dick, getting greasy titty fucks, munching the occasional pussy, fingering her twat until she drips, or better yet, getting fucked and splooged on.
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